Cooperation with an employment agency plays a key role in the modern employment market. We act as an intermediary between employers and candidates. Our main goal is to effectively match the skills and experience of candidates to the needs of companies. Supporting both parties in achieving their business and professional goals. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from recruitment and selection of candidates, through temporary and permanent employment, to personnel consulting and support in human resources management.

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Cooperation with an employment agency – benefits

Cooperation with an employment agency can bring numerous benefits for companies that are looking for effective solutions in the field of human resources management.

One of the key benefits is a significant reduction in the time needed to find a suitable candidate for a position. We have extensive databases of potential employees and access to advanced tools and technologies supporting the selection process. Thanks to this, we can quickly identify and invite the best-suited candidates to participate in the recruitment process, which speeds up the overall employment time. This allows companies to quickly cover their staffing needs, even in the case of specialized and difficult to access professional profiles.

Companies can use our services in both short-term and long-term situations, depending on their current business needs. We are able to quickly adapt the number of employees to changing demand, which allows us to optimize costs and increase the company’s operational efficiency.

Our specializations

We specialize in the recruitment of construction workers, such as bricklayers, pavers, plasterers, carpenters, locksmiths, fitters and general construction workers, who play a key role in ensuring high-quality employment and effective management of human resources in the construction industry.

We have deep knowledge of the specific nature of the construction industry, technical requirements and safety standards, which is crucial to ensuring high quality services. We have access to qualified specialists who have the necessary skills.

Our specializations in specific sectors of the economy enable us to effectively match candidates to the specific requirements and expectations of our clients. Thanks to this, companies can be sure that their staffing needs will be adequately met. However, the employed employees will have the necessary qualifications and experience to perform tasks at the highest level.

How does cooperation with an employment agency work?

The first step is for the client’s company to place a recruitment order. At this point, the company determines its staffing needs, specifying job requirements such as skills, professional experience, location preferences and other specific requirements. After receiving the order, we conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and define a recruitment strategy. Then we start searching for potential candidates who meet specific recruitment criteria. We present the best candidates to the client’s company. The presentation contains detailed information about professional experience, qualifications and answers to questions related to recruitment. In addition, we support the process of finalizing employment, including negotiating contract terms, preparing employment-related documentation and coordinating the candidate’s first days of work. After successful completion of the employment process, the client’s company may continue to cooperate with us, working on long-term staffing needs, recruiting for additional positions or using other services related to human resources management.

Cooperation with an employment agency – employment flexibility

We offer a variety of employment opportunities, both temporary and permanent, tailored to the needs and requirements of both employers and employees.

Temporary employment is one of the main areas of our activity. It offers employers the opportunity to quickly meet short-term or seasonal staffing needs. Temporary employees are hired for a specific period of time or for a project, which gives flexibility in adapting the team to changing market conditions. However, we also support companies in recruiting employees for permanent employment. This is an ideal solution for companies looking for long-term staff support or specialists for key positions in the organization.

Employment flexibility is a key element of the modern labor market, enabling companies to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and effectively manage human resources. This allows companies to focus on their core business goals, leaving professionals to deal with complex recruitment and employment processes.