Working as an installer abroad can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. It opens the door to new professional opportunities, better earnings and gaining valuable life experiences. Due to the growing demand for qualified fitters in various countries of the European Union and beyond, more and more people decide to work outside their home country. This article is intended to provide comprehensive information to help you prepare for this important step. Moreover, make the process of departure and adaptation as easy and effective as possible.

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Working as an installer abroad – benefits

Working as an installer abroad brings a number of benefits that attract an increasing number of specialists from all over the world. One of the most important arguments in favor of working as an installer abroad is the significantly higher earnings compared to home countries. Many countries, especially the economically developed countries of the European Union, offer attractive hourly or monthly rates, which may significantly exceed the salaries offered on the domestic labor market. Thanks to this, installers can earn more money, which improves the quality of life and accumulates savings for the future.

Moreover, working as an installer abroad often involves better working conditions. Compared to the standards in some countries. Employers usually offer modern and well-equipped workplaces, providing appropriate tools, equipment and infrastructure. Additionally, there is often greater technical support and the offering of safe working conditions, which is crucial for comfort and occupational safety.

Work as an installer abroad – requirements and qualifications

Taking up a job as an installer abroad requires meeting certain skill and qualification requirements. Assemblers should have solid knowledge and experience in assembling various components, metal or mechanical structures. Additionally, the ability to use hand and electric tools and precisely perform assembly tasks are crucial. Moreover, the knowledge of reading and interpreting technical drawings is necessary to properly perform assembly and installation tasks.

In addition, having appropriate professional certificates confirming skills and qualifications may be required or welcomed by employers. Examples include certificates confirming knowledge of welding, assembly and work safety techniques. Regular participation in industry training allows you to update your skills and become familiar with the latest technologies and work methods in the industry.

Meeting these requirements not only increases your chances of getting a job, but also enables you to develop your career in an international work environment.

Recruitment process

As a company specializing in recruiting employees to work abroad, we offer comprehensive support at every stage of the recruitment process. We have a wide network of contacts with companies and employment agencies in various European Union countries. This allows us to quickly and effectively find current job offers for fitters. Our contacts in the industry allow us to effectively use professional networks, which is often the key to access to exclusive job offers.

We help you analyze employment conditions and benefits offered by employers so that you can make a well-informed decision about your future job as an installer abroad.

With us as an employment agency, the entire recruitment process becomes more smooth and effective, so you have a greater chance of success and a faster job as an installer in Europe. We encourage you to use our services and contact us to start your professional adventure abroad.


Taking up a job as an installer abroad comes with a number of opportunities and challenges. This work not only allows you to acquire new professional skills, but also opens the door to the global labor market. International experience is often appreciated by future employers. Using our services can significantly facilitate and accelerate the recruitment and professional integration process abroad. We offer support at every stage, from searching for job offers to preparing documents and conducting job interviews.

Deciding to work as an installer abroad can be an exciting step towards personal and professional development. With proper preparation and support from an employment agency, this process can be more smooth and satisfying.