Niemieckie prawo pracy - prawa i obowiązki pracowników zatrudnionych w Niemczech

German labour law – rights and obligations of employees working in Germany

Working abroad, especially in a legal system as developed and rigorous as the German one, requires special attention and awareness on the part of employees. German labour law – knowing both one’s rights and obligations is key to ensuring safe, stable and satisfactory employment conditions. What are the rights...

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Elektryk w Niemczech. Jak rozpocząć karierę i znaleźć pracę?

Electrician in Germany. How to start a career and find a job?

In today’s dynamic world, electrician is emerging as one of the most promising professions. Both in Germany and around the world. As technology develops faster and faster, there is an increasing demand for qualified electricians who not only have solid technical skills. Also, the ability to adapt to changing...

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Zarabiaj więcej w Niemczech. Perspektywy finansowe dla pracowników budowlanych

Earn more in Germany. Financial perspectives for construction workers

For years, the German construction sector has enjoyed stable growth and a high demand for skilled labour. The German economy has grown rapidly in recent years, resulting in many investments in the residential, infrastructure and industrial construction sectors. Therefore, the demand for construction workers is at an all-time high,...

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