Looking for a job abroad in the construction industry can be a challenge, but at the same time it offers great opportunities for professional and personal development. In the context of globalization, job mobility is becoming more common and construction workers can take advantage of the many opportunities available in international labor markets. In this article, we will present the best ways to successfully find a construction job abroad, using Migconstruction’s experience and resources.

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Finding a construction job abroad – defining your goals

Before you start looking for a job, it is worth determining exactly what type of job and position you are looking for. Consider whether you prefer working on large infrastructure projects, building single-family houses, renovations or specialized construction work. Moreover, specify what position you want to work in. Are you an experienced foreman, construction engineer, or are you looking for a job as a manual worker? If you have specialized skills, such as bricklaying, reinforcement, plastering or installation work, it is worth taking this into account in your preferences.

The next step is to establish financial expectations and working conditions that will satisfy you. Research average salaries in the construction industry in the selected country and determine your minimum financial expectations. Make sure that the salary will be adequate to your skills and experience. Additionally, consider whether you prefer permanent employment, short-term contracts, or seasonal work. Employment stability may affect your life and financial plans.

Determining your goals and preferences before starting your job search abroad allows you to make more effective and conscious decisions, and also increases your chances of finding a job that will be both professionally and financially satisfying.

Finding a construction job abroad – which countries should you consider?

Choosing the country to which you intend to go for work is a key step in the process of looking for a job abroad. The following countries are particularly attractive for construction workers:

  • Germany. With heavy investment in infrastructure and construction, Germany offers many job opportunities in the construction industry. High wages and good working conditions attract many foreign workers.
  • Norway. Known for large construction and infrastructure projects, Norway offers attractive salaries and favorable social conditions.
  • Sweden. The country is investing in urban development and infrastructure, which creates many employment opportunities in construction. Good working conditions and a high standard of living are additional advantages.
  • Great Britain. Despite Brexit, the UK construction market still offers many opportunities, especially in large cities and metropolitan areas.
  • Netherlands. The country is known for its modern construction and infrastructure projects. A stable labor market and attractive wages attract many construction workers.

Finding construction work abroad through our employment agency

Using the services of an employment agency, especially when looking for employment abroad, offers many benefits. As Migconstruction, we have experienced advisors who will help you assess your skills and professional preferences. They will then present you with the most suitable job offers. Thanks to a wide network of contacts, we have access to job offers that may not be publicly available. This increases your chances of finding an attractive position.

In addition, we have simplified recruitment procedures, which will allow you to quickly find employment. We deal with all formalities related to employment, including the preparation of contracts and registration in tax and insurance systems. This makes the whole process much easier and shortens your path to employment. Cooperation with us will give you confidence that job offers are legal and verified.

You already have a job… what about the rest of the formalities?

We offer comprehensive assistance in organizing accommodation for our employees. We work with a variety of partners to provide comfortable and affordable accommodation close to your workplace. In addition, we assist in negotiating and signing lease agreements, ensuring that all terms are clear and legal. We make sure that contracts are prepared in a language understandable to the employee or we provide their translation.

How to plan a trip logistically? What documents should you prepare? What about health insurance? You don’t have to worry about this either! We help employees prepare all necessary documents, such as passports, visas, work permits and health insurance. We ensure that each employee is properly insured and has access to necessary medical services.

Thanks to Migconstruction’s support, the process of moving abroad becomes less stressful and more orderly. Our experience and commitment to helping employees guarantee that each stage is carefully planned and implemented.


Are you looking for construction work abroad? Contact us today to receive professional support at every stage of the job search process. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the perfect job offer and provide you with the necessary logistic and administrative support. Together we can make your dreams of working abroad a reality!